Itineraries Casentino offers extraordinary views and vistas and the unique pleasure of discovering places that are still unspoiled. A rich choice of itineraries awaits you starting from our rental point: with no hassle you can reach destinations such as Stia, Porciano, the castle and parish church of Romena, Castel SanNiccolò, Montemignaio and Poppi, the Apennine passes of Consuma and Calla, the monasteries of Camaldoli, La Verna and Vallombrosa, and the stupendous forest roads of the Casentino Forest Park. The e-bike is a bike designed to allow everyone to cycle-ride effortlessly. An environmentally friendly and sustainable means of getting around in an environmentally friendly way thanks to an intelligent electric motor that assists pedaling, allowing it to tackle routes with steep inclines. It allows nature-loving groups and families to hike together-even the less strong can keep up with others with this small, almost invisible “help.” (AR- ITALY) +39 339.6467966 Prices – half day € 20.00 – full day € 30.00 Accessories available – Cyclist helmet / Child rear seat Rental is made upon reservation